Extreme Animals


This is my mod, Extreme Animals, it is currently only in beta, but adds lots of new mobs, armors, foods, ores and even more! Since it is only an beta, the textures won't be really shaded, but everything is still cute~ I also did research on all of the mobs in this mod, so everything should be mostly realistic~

The first three updates and other mods will be available at http://toysmods.weebly.com/ Game on guys and gals~

Here is the "Extreme Animals" page on my website with all the info needed! https://toysmods.weebly.com/extreme-animals.html

I'm putting up a poll to see everyone's favorite animal in the mod, knowing this will help me with future updates http://www.strawpoll.me/12080550

I now have a working Minecraft which means i can continue to use the Tabula mod to remake models and texture them. I'll be trying to bring Extreme Animals 1.0.0 back into full swing! Extreme Animals now has its own Twitter! @EAModMinecraft for future updates on updates and teasers!

For any of you who have not followed the twitter for my mods: I am on a mini hiatus due to irl things; however, when I return I'll be really a new mod focusing on Dimensions- mainly The End

​Please tweet me any bugs you find in the mod. Also, tweet me some animal suggestions for future updates~ Thank you!

Extreme Animals 1.0.1 is out! Here is the changelog for the update:

Extreme Animals 1.0.1 Changelog

- Small updates including features that are a part of 1.0.0, but left out for a bit.

- A new type of animal has been discovered by explorers: they are labeled as "Extreme Animals"

  • Extreme Mouse
  • Extreme Cheesy Meanie

- New items to go with the new extreme animals:

  • Extreme Mouse Armor
  • Extreme Cheese Bomb
  • Extreme Mouse Fur
  • Extreme Mutated Cheese
  • Extreme Cheesy Orb

​- A new book to learn more about animals: Book of Animals

  • ​Shows:
    • Animal Names
    • Species of the animal texture and model are based off [Ex: Mouse is based off a common house mouse, and armadillo is based off a three-banded armadillo]
    • Endangerment Level: See if your favorite animals are close to being extinct in the real world, maybe you can help them!
    • Short description and location of spawning

​- The first 9 animals: Mouse, Gecko, Snake, Meerkat, Platypus, Crocodile, Seal, Narwhal, and Skunk [Cricket as well!] have new ambient sounds!


​Updates from now on will start featuring new blocks and items alongside the basic animals and sets for the animals. Be sure to request animals for upcoming updates as from now on, updates will feature 2-3 requested animals per update, request via Twitter, @EAModMinecraft

Extreme Animals 1.1.0 will be released on Minecraft 1.12.2 due to popular demand.


*Extreme Animals has it own Twitter, this account will be shared with all of my other future mods! Here's some teasers: https://twitter.com/EAModMinecraft/status/911376508144451586 (CHECK THIS ONE OUT EVERYONE) https://twitter.com/EAModMinecraft/status/912122056518651904 *

.-Extreme Animals Full Release: Begginings Wrath (1.0.0) COMPLETE  -Hardcore Bosses Mod: (Starting Soon)


Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

1.1.0 WIP Changelog

- Made effects from Lion's Nobility and Fox's Pride last longer

  • Now take item damage (500 durability)

- New Biome (T-----)

- 5 new animals to go along with the biome

  • M--- O-
  • W--------
  • M----
  • G------ B---
  • A----- F--

- Reindeer spawns in the t----- biome now

  • Also spawns here: Polar Bears, Sheep, Wolves, Strays, Cows

- New blocks for the biome

  • P---------

- Last 8 of the "First 9" animals get extreme animals

- 3 new bosses for Armadillo, Raccoon, and Penguin

  • T--- B-----
  • S----- T----
  • S----- S-----

- Removed Halloween Event Mobs

- Removed "Book of Animals"


- Animals are now more common (Really needed, sorry guys--)

  • Narwhals now spawn in Cold Beach biomes

Well, I'm back and ready to continue :D gotta add everything back in and then 0.3.0 will be done :D

Udate in a about a minute, exporting the update now :D

We have hit, over 100 downloads, thanks so much for the support, and i will most likely be updating more frequently :D