Extreme Animals -Discontinued, BUT-

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This is my mod, Extreme Animals, it is currently only in beta, but adds lots of new mobs, armors, foods, ores and even more! Since it is only an beta, the textures won't be really shaded, but everything is still cute~ I also did research on all of the mobs in this mod, so everything should be mostly realistic~

The first three updates and other mods will be available at http://toysmods.weebly.com/ Game on guys and gals~

Here is the "Extreme Animals" page on my website with all the info needed! https://toysmods.weebly.com/extreme-animals.html

I'm putting up a poll to see everyone's favorite animal in the mod, knowing this will help me with future updates http://www.strawpoll.me/12080550

I now have a working Minecraft which means i can continue to use the Tabula mod to remake models and texture them. I'll be trying to bring Extreme Animals 1.0.0 back into full swing! Extreme Animals now has its own Twitter! @EAModMinecraft for future updates on updates and teasers!


​Please tweet me any bugs you find in the mod. Also, tweet me some animal suggestions for future updates~ Thank you!


Extreme Animals has been discontinued; however, modder WunderWaffel will be taking rights to the mod to remake Extreme Animals with better textures, AI, and more. Thank you to everyone who played and downloaded the original!

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

Extreme Animals 1.0.2 Changelog

- New Biome!
   - Tundra Biome with a new block "Permafrost"
   - Spawns Reindeers, Seals, Polar Bears, Strays, and more!

- New Animal
   - Musk Ox
     - Mob Armor, Tools, and Special Weapon NOT added
        - Will be added with the official 1.1.0 release
        - 5 more animals will come in the official update

- Removed "Book Of Animals" as it was just a mess

- Temporarily removed Extreme Mouseyite Armor effects

- Ended the Halloween Event

- Flying mobs are now grounded, this will be fixed with a model update

Coming to 1.1.0:
- 5 more animals to add to the new Tundra Biome
- "Extreme" Animals [Gecko -> Skunk]
- Bosses [Armadillo -> Reindeer]
- Another new type of animals [Mouse]
   - Information to be released soon


Known bugs:
- Animal ores require animal tools to mine
- Mouseyite ingot is duplicatable
- Goat's ears are not animated
- Tundra has rain for precipitation
- Tundra will be turned to snow and permafrost, instead of grass and permafrost
- Lion's Nobility and Fox's Pride do not break
- Ancient Animal Drops only give 1 item per block


- Mirrored tools and armor crafting recipes
- Gave Lion's Nobility, Fox's Pride, Tiger's Eye, and Extreme Mouseyite Armor their effects back
- Throwable weapons stack up to 16

Submitted by boocon11 on Sat, 03/19/2016 - 21:12

Ok =)

Continue to make great mods!

@#12.1.1 Remember, you can also suggest animals if you want after the next update, you can go ahead and model+texture it if you want too, all credit would be given to you

@boocon11 Dont forget, we need a way to trade the textures between eachother, so i can still read all the comments :P so if you have any ideas, that would be nice XP