Elemental Staffs [Beta 0.2] [1.7.10]

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Update Beta [0.2] Is Here!!

New Features and Bug Fixes!!!

If You are new to the Mod.... Here's the Info!!

The Purpose of this mod is so that you can have magical staffs and each has a different ability! :D

Here is some Discription About It:

The water staff changes a block into water! But also drains some of the duribility!

The Fire Staff makes fire and it too drains the duribility!

The Lightning Staff Summons Lightning and takes away a lightning bolt from you'r inventory (Also drains the Duribility).

The Earth Staff makes infinite Cobble (Does not Drain the Duribility) Just like a Vinnilla Cobblestone Generator.

There is also an item known as the compressor.

The compressor can make Different Items and Blocks with the shards in the crafting table! (stays in crafting grid).

The Golden bread gives 10 Bars of Food.

The Rain Seeds will make it rain when eaten!

Look at the bottom of the Page for more Update information!


And there is Alot more to come! Hope You Like This Epic UPDATE! Thanks!


Here are the Pictures  :)


1. Water Ore [Found from level 67 - 14, Drop 3 Water Shards]


2. Fire Ore [Found from level 67 - 13, Drops 3 Fire Shards]


3. Earth Ore [Found from level 64 - 13, Drops 3 Earth Shards]


4. Lightning Ore [Found from level 60 - 20, Drops 3 Lightning Bolts]


5. Thunder Zombie [A Little Bugy.. But i think it's fine!]


Here are the Recipes:

1) The Staff Bind ..... [Used in making of Staffs]


2) The Compressor ...... [Used in making of alota stuff]


3) The Water Staff ..... [Spawns Water when Right clicked on a block, Change block to water]


4) The Fire Staff ..... [Works like a Flint and Steel]


5) The Earth Staff .... [Creates Infinite Cobble, Works like a Cobblestone Generator]


6) The Lightning Staff ..... [Summons Lightning bolt; if you have lightning bolts in you'r inventory]


7) Lightning Bolt ..... [Used like arrows for the Lightning staff, Can also be obtained from Lightning ore]


8) Fire ..... [Finally, i can craft some chain armor]


9) Water Bucket ..... [Not that Expensive!]


10) Lava Bucket ..... [Still Unexpensive]


11) Stone ..... [Just a waste of Earth Shards]


12) Golden Bread ..... [When Eaten; It restores 10 Bars of Food]


13) Rain Seeds ..... [When Eaten it will change the weather to Rain]


14) Water Pickaxe .... [300 Uses]


15) Fire Pickaxe .... [300 Uses]


16) Earth Pickaxe .... [400 Uses]


17) Water Piece .... [A Chunk of Water Shards]


18) Fire Piece .... [A Chunk of Fire Shards]


19) Earth Piece .... [A Chunk of Earth Shards]


Now Updated to Version [Beta 0.2]


Change Log -----┐

Version [Alpha 0.1]

  • Water Ore
  • Water Shard
  • Water Staff
  • Water Bucket [Crafting Item]
  • Fire Ore
  • Fire Shard
  • Fire Staff
  • Lava Bucket [Crafting Item]
  • Earth Ore
  • Earth Shard
  • Lightning Ore
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Lightning Staff
  • Compressor
  • Staff Bind
  • Stone [Crafting Item]
  • Fire [Crafting Item]
  • Golden Bread
  • Rain Seeds


Version [Beta 0.2]

  • Water Piece
  • Fire Piece
  • Earth Piece
  • Earth Staff
  • Thunder Zombie
  • Water Pickaxe
  • Fire Pickaxe
  • Earth Pickaxe
  • Water Armor
  • Earth Armor
  • Fire Armor
  • Rain Seeds recipe Changed!


  • Removed Herobrine!


Some Stuff To Be Added (feel free to suggest more):

1) Air Ore and Shard

2) Air Pickaxe

3) Air Staff

4) Air Dimension!


Download Forge Version 1.7.10 - to run!

Thanks To Mcreator for my first mod! ;D

Modification files
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ElementalStaffs V0.2.zip - Version [Beta 0.2]Uploaded on: 02/04/2017 - 07:09   File size: 142.47 KB

Awesome mod! I'm going to be completely honest of what I think, 7.5 stars because staffs are just a common mod.