The New Human Mod 1 Freedom Fighters.

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Defensive   --Mercenaries Mercenaries fight not for glory, but to make one's own way. They are basically hired fighters, but they remain loyal to their employer through thick and thin, until there is only one man left. Even then, he will put up a fight. They are quite skilled in both ranged and melee combat; just one of them can take on multiple opponents.   --Shuri Archers Shuri Archers are highly trained fighters from the snow plains. They have very good eyesight, and can kill with one shot.   --Assassins Assassins are light on their feet, and can take on almost whatever you throw at them. Similar to the Mercenaries, they are hired killers. The main difference is their ambush tactics.   --Dark Elves Dark Elves are mystic beings who have night vision, able to climb trees and are really skilled in far sight. The can even trap their enemies.    --Hunters Hunters reside in the forest. They hunt for food to survive, thus the name. In the past they weren't aggressive towards anyone, but soon after the Dark Army came to rise, a growing hatred has formed within their hearts. They had lost much of their families, and many of their homes to them. But made a Stand to join the Free Peoples of All   --Bandit Archer Bandits were once Evil People who stole from people and Villages But that Change when one day The Dark Army Arrive to make a Deal with The Bandits, They were promised riches, power, and control in exchange for joining them, A huge Number of Bandits new something was wrong and knew the truth, They new the Dark Army was using them,  It was decided to leave the dark path and return to the light to aid the people who were starving, suffering, and homeless.-   --Dwarf Dwarfs from the Mountains who Travel seeking Riches and Fighting for the People who are in Trouble as their ancestors did from Before. They are Mixed blood of All Species especially Durins Folk of Middle Earth and the Dwemer of Skyrim. They also are People Who Fight to the last Dwarf to defend their own.   --Samurai The Samurai were a proud race of Men, people who lived and died by the sword, They wear Armor that is thick and their weapons are stronger than most others. These warriors are consider to be one of the best warriors. They can be recruited for armies or to be bodyguards.    Heroes and Deathless   --Cirdan Cirdan descendant of the Lord of the Grey Havens and Lindon. Cirdan is the only True Elf Archer plus Hero Capable of fighting for the Player.    --Heart Girl A Bonus Character who I made for my Friend ChaseTheCreator because That User was capable of Helping Me and Inviting Me to A Server. Heart Girl   --Hideyoshi Hideyoshi Kinoshita a Character from Baka (Idiot) and Test. I made him into a Deathless and Mentor of the Assassins. The Costume is not that good But If anyone Can Make a better Hideyoshi Kinoshita Mentor of the Assassins Texture to Let Me know.   Katsumoto ---Katsumoto Harima leader of the Samurai Lord of the Ice Plains, He fought for many People during times of war and peace. He is capable of leading an army of thousands of warriors willing to die for him.   Link ---Link the Hero of Time. Travel to the New Lands in seeking of his Enemies he fights for the Empire and Hyrule. His task is to keep the Peace, by helping His people of both Hyrule and the New Lands.   Yuuko ---Elder Twin Sister of Hideyoshi from Baka (Idiots) and Test. She was suppose to be the Next Mentor but Due to an illegal Strategy during the Dark Army Conquest. She was demoted to Mercenary Captain to train Mercenaries and Straighten them Out.   Eibon --- The Great Wizard and Scientist from the Unknown Regions. He took his tool Brew (Command Block) and Was able to prepare to teach people who can make potions, enchanted weapons, machines, and other useful technology.   Workers   --Bartenders Bartenders are Men who work in Bars and Resturants Serving Up Drinks at Reasonable Prices Depending on what you want.   --Blacksmith Blacksmiths are People who craft items, Bring them the Items and They will make it for you. Do errands and or quests with them and they Will reduce their price on your item do more then 10 and it is free.   --Cook (Right click the mob to acess the "Cook GUI") People who cook over thousands of food. They make the following foods of any kind and if you bring the Ingredients they Can make your stuff In minutes.   --Miners 2 Different Kinds of Miners. Dwarfs and Men. They mine thousands of Materials and sell them to Merchants and Selected People for food and Medicines.   --Farmers Farmers are strong men who plant and Harvest lots of Crops to sell to Locals and Travelers. Give them seeds and they can make it then you do not have to wait for the plant to grow.   --Lumberjack Lumberjacks are Men who chopped down trees and replant saplings they are also known to help make wood, logs, and build anything made out of Wood.   --Merchants Merchants are People Who Buy, Sell, and Trade thousands of materials, They live on the Mooshroom islands establish Markets and Maintain Trade with Local Cities.   --Servants (Right click the mob to acess the "Servants GUI") Servants are People who Serve you in any way you need. Like if you want to deliver them to something they will or bring in food for your party what ever you need they can get it done without any trouble.   --Artists Artists are A race of Men who can Make Paintings if you bring them the Materials and They can also Buy art for Museums depending on the Currency.   Food Cheese   Athelas Leaves   Mildew Drop   Silver Sake   Vampires Blood   Bacon   Chocolate Milk   Grape Juice   Hamburger   Ice Cream   Ice Cream Cone   Maple Syrup   Potato Soup   Rice   Salad Leaves   Salad Bowl   Silver Bread   Tomato Soup   I do not own, or take responsibilities for the mob textures they were made by Planetminecraft,Nova skin and some other great people"     I want to thank these People for Their Support and Their help: xXMCXx, GhostModder, SPAZ97, KristheGolden, ChaseTheCreator, Haloboy01134, Kevaka, halmi4, CreativeGuy2013, dogboy68, GladiMinecraft, furiablancag, Decatater, GateArgonus, Virus078, Zlatko, BackSpace47, ratoncherrys, Erik15juli, fliberdoodle, ratandtroy, Mr.camstone, xNiccoh, igor2, Sally Hallman, marpet0805, funzrey, Tank-Deadeye, monkey_psych, jz1631, VenomsGaming, zxzx8900, madmanu, Pokemaniac3000, bluepiggypie, ashtonpoczynek1234, AlexPoole2003, Standler1st, GH217.  
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didn't you forget someone for the textures ^^ , nice mod thought

i like it but can you turn down the rate at wich thay spawn cause in one place i get More than 25 of your mobs at once