Metalite Mod 1.0.0

Published by PixelStory on Tue, 02/17/2015 - 19:29
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This the Metalite Mod! Its adds, ore, armor, tools, And soon to be much more! I will add more food, more armor, more tools, more machinery ect. In the future! As this is the first version off the mod. Please be patient until these features have been added. There will be frequent updates to the mod.Suggestions are highly apreciated so comment away your ideas! No recipes yet so use NEI until they are up :3

P.S. I suggest only mining Metalite ore with the Water Gem Pickaxe. It "Stablizes" it.



1.0.0 Release! Added Metalite Ore, Metalite ingot, Compressor, Water Gem Pickaxe, Water Gem, and Metalite Armor.

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