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"To be is to be perceived.  And so to know thyself is only possible through the eyes of the other." -David Mitchell

feel free to use this in modpacks, just leave credit to me.


Now contains 66! mods

Alkemicraft revolves around magic and alchemy, this is my first big mod and i will not stop updating

Phrax is crystalized lightning that falls to earth and sinks into the ground, forming phrax ore, it is a mixture of aer and fyre

Aerum is crystalized aer essence that solidifies under certain circumstances, it is less common but can be obtained from darke alchemists, which are a mob

Staff of aerum allows teleportation over short distances and phrax rod can set things on fire. both are good weapons.

The charms of: day, night and rain all change the aspects in their name, but damage the alkemist that consumes them to the point of near death. you have to be hungry to consume the charms

Fyre is pure energy in its most basic form

Phrax is made of aeris and fyre

To use the charm of flyte: leap into the air from a little height,then right click before you hit the ground, this will grant flight until you remove it. to remove it simply right click the earth, this dissapates all flyte energy into the ground. the charm removes almost all fall damage.

Recepes: //  'Aeris staff is actually aerum ingots, not sticks'

Changelog: v.1 (phrax update)


+charms of night 

+charm of day


+phrax crystal

+phrax dust

+stabalizing agent

+phrax rod (fire rod)

+phrax pearl (summon lightning)

+phrax ore

+stabalized phrax

V1.1 added    (Aerum update)

+aerum ore

+aerum crystal

+aerum dust

+AerumStaff (teleport)

+aeris ingot

+Helm of flyte (flying, endgame)

V1.1.5      (litte update)


+new mob Darke  alkemist (hard) drops aerum crystals and staff rare

+transmutation leather (gold multiplication) (all good alkemists know a bit of basic transmutation)


+aerum staff is now better (less death prone)

V 1.2   (Darke update)


+Phrax block

+aerum block

+Darke block

+darke ore

+darke staff

+Alkemic lamp   (light source,nice model)

+recepies for blocks to crystals and vice verca

+darke crystal

V 1.2.5 (little update)


+darke orkid (plant)

+Darke Powder

+Floating Island (in sky) (small one for now untill big one is in)


+Stabalizing agent recepie (replaced milk with redstone)

+optimisation of ores and files

V1.3 (fyre)


+Fyre Ore

+Fyre Dust

+transmutation diamond  (advanced transmutation)

+optimisation to loot

+fox removed (sorry :()

+StormPhrax Coal (good fuel)

V 1.3.5 (decorations)



+small Table


+light on lamp fixed

V 1.4 

+Fyre Coal

+fyre Block


+ Magic Mirror   //

+ Fixed minor bugs

+tweaked Darke Alkemist difficutly a little

V 1.4.5 (charm of flight)

+Aeris Marble (find in world)

+aeris Marble brick (looks very nice for builds)

+CharmofFlyte (replacing helm of flyte as it was buggy) 

+Alkemist's battle helm (old flyte helm)

+better ore spawns

-Helm of flyte

V 1.5 (awesome update)

+Essence of Immortality (requires your blood)

+Alchemist's light

+temporary light orb

+needle (takes your Blood)

+ Potions and charms book (not finished)

v1.5.5 (bug fix update(i felt i had to add something so i made those books))

Fixed 11!!! bugs, game now is much smoother. balancing better done.

Added pile of books (very cool decoration block, three books in a collumb in crating.) 



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 how to install minecraft forgeand my mod:  (not my video, I claim no rights)

Review Video By: xXMCXx  (the best!)

Soon to be added island     //        if anyoneknows howto import large schematics it wouldhelp me alot!!!

Soon to be added Fox    //   i have animation, ijust dont know howto add it to MCreate (if someone can help i would be grateful) 

This mod is my hobby, so dont expect greatness from me, demand it! all suggestions are considered.

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Alkemicraft v1.5.5.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:18   File size: 2.35 MB

@#1 A mod may be removed if id does not follow the community rules for uploading. can if you are curious as to what the rules are you may find them here. If the textures in the mod dont belong to you give the person who made them credit. If your mod continues to be removed please email at,

This looks amazing! Keep updating it! I could even put this in my mod pack alongside thaumcraft and ic2.

awesome! thanks joewrench! if anyone knows how to make a weapon that withers enemies i would like to know because that was my intention for the darke staff, but it is not straight forward...

RE:next update 1.4 will be all

That's super cool! Can you download GreenStuff {My Mod} when it goes on the website?

@Mac Alkemicraft I was doing a mod review which I noticed the lamp does not work and the charms, Also the floating island structure was very scarce So I could not show case that unfortunately. Review Will be up within a couple hours i will post link here. :)