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 Hello everybody! Funny penguin developers here presenting you another mod!

Our mod is called Coin Mod, and it gives you a coin for each animal or monster you kill (Works with all mods you have too)


This mod is great for those monster killers that don't like to mine, they just need to kill mobs and exchange for bars or gems.


There are 3 types of coins. Every mob drops 2 steve coins. With 5 steve coins you make 1 creeper coin. With 5 creeper coins you make a notch coin. And a Diamond is 4 notch coins for example.


You need to kill 16 mobs for an iron bar, so I can say to you that it's not over powered.

(And 60 mobs for a Diamond)



Do you found a bug or you have suggestions for us mod,

please give feedback for us in the comments





- mod by lupe104 and funnypenguindevelopers



Modification files
coinmod(1.7.10).zip - Version 1.0 / Minecraft 1.7.10Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:18   File size: 543.33 KB

Wtf There is literally no purpose to this mod. it adds no potential to the game and just makes it easier. No challenge at all.

@ILuckymou this is a cool mod, Be nice to see more updates and more possibility's with these coins.