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If you want a new dimension in minecraft because you are getting boring then this is your time to download this amazing mod: The heaven mod. In these mod you can grab air, craft amazing armor, and more. Please like and download the mod i worked hard to think in what to do because there is a lot that is already done so plis share and do everything you can so the mod becames famous across the entire world.

Crafting recepies:(i dont know why the item shows up but it works)

Air Grabber:

Heaven Stick:(used to ignite the portal) (the m are air blocks, you collect them by right cliking in the air with the air grabber)

Heaven Armor:(the m are heaven ingots for the whole armor)

Heaven tools:(The m are heaven ingots)

Smelting recepies:




Modification files
HeavenMod.zip - Download for fun and moreUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:18   File size: 841.44 KB