Extended Vanilla

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In development
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  • Cinnabar Armour Set
  • New Dimension (possibly called the WasteLands or RedLands)
  • 3 new bosses Phoenix, Red Dragon and Obsidian Golem
  • Fire wand (shoots fire balls) and Obsidian Skull (protects against fire)
  • more brick variants
  • heated stone bricks
  • magic mirror (teleports to spawnpoint)
  • more recipes for 'Crystal Of Transformation'
  • possibly new biome with ore
  • more swords and bows
  • new tnt type
  • better textures for various items


Change Log:

Version 1.0.0

+ Cinnabar Ore

+ Cinnabar Gem + Block

+ Cinnabar Tool Set

+ Crystal Of Transformation

+ More Bricks

+ Crystal Bow And Sword


If you have any suggestions for the mod or want to report bugs please contact me. I encourage feedback as I want this mod to be the best it can be. most of these textures are place holder as I am still looking for a good program to make them so if you could give me suggestions for them that would be great!



Modification files
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if some one use your mod and me mod can be more great the two at same time