The Gods Of Olympus

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This mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 adds Greek gods into your game from Zeus To Athema sp far only the major ones are there but i plan onn adding all of them there's are recipes for getting a item that allows you to have 8 extra hearts but first you need to kill one of the gods to get it they are very hard to kill and have 11,000 HP so they are no joke to spawn them u need a Greek god Spawner with that u right click then select what one of the gods you want to spawn over all this mod is going to expand to be a veary big mod hopefuly but for now we dont have every god and there items but i plan on it

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It's going to be tough to put all of the Greek gods in your mod (there are so many XD) but in the next version you should add Thanatos, the god of silent death beause he is awesome.