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Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland mod. Hop into wonderland and enjoy the fun of the Hatter or follow Alice on her adventure. Create the White Armor or the Vorpal Sword.  This mod is in version BETA. Few things are added into the mod but more will be added in later updates. 

To come in later versions:

-The Red Queen

-The White Queen

-Red Centurions

-White Centurions

-Shrink Cake

-Growth Drink

-Wonderland Dimension

-Dead Forest Biome



-The White Rabbit

-March Rabbit

-The Knave of Hearts



-Bandersnatch eye

-Red marble

-Red Marble Blocks

-Red Marble Bricks

-White Marble

-White Marble Blocks

-White Marble Bricks

-Black Marble

-Black Marble Blocks

-Black Marble Bricks 

Craft recipes:   (G = gold ingot, I = iron ingot, X = blank, S = Stuck) 

White Armor

Helmet             Leggings          Chestplate           Boots

G IG                    I G I                    I  X  I                     XXX

 IX I                    GXG                    G I G                    GXG

XXX                   I X I                     I  G  I                     I  X  I


Vorpal Sword




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