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Adds new mobs, ore, weapons, mobs, tools, food

they are:

mobs: fish man, SkythekidRS, Dan TDM, PVT soldier, ailen soldier

food: jelly-fish sandwich and an secret.

ore: Urminium (ur-mini-um)

tools: Urminium pickaxe and a pointy thing

weapons: 44. magnum (shoots magnum) 4.20 AR (shoots AR rounds), lazer pistol (shoots battery), Urminium sword

other: gun part, urminium gem

NEI or any thing that helps with crafting is a good idea to have.


And some of the mobs and some names came off the top of my head.

4.20 ar shoots faster then the lazer pistol and magnum very OP.

4.20 lol  mlg puns, you tube pun

good luck in LV_117


I am not responsible of any deaths or injurys this mod may make.



Modification files
Evolution.zip - if you download now please get NEI or something like itUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:19   File size: 128.57 KB