Beezuscraft BETA1.2

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Hello Everyone! This is the beta version of Beezuscraft. Who among you is worthy to fight the evil Beezus? Only YOU can find out when you download this really cool mod. And, as a bonus to be awesome, there is a special new food,...BACON!!!. Yes, if you love adventure (And cool weapons,) this is the mod for you. If you`ve been waiting for a mod that adds a being of unspeakable evil, then this is also the mod for you. And if you love pounding spider eyes into other players, this is your dream come true. I`ll soon update, so make sure you check for new stuff i will add. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Modification files
beezuscraftbeta2[1.7.10].jarUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:19   File size: 145.89 KB