Slothy Utilities [Alpha]

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Slothy Utilities is a simple modification based around utilities (obviously). The mod is currently in Alpha stage and may be buggy. (It's not very buggy but it's still Alpha because there's much, much more to do) SU is specifically designed around servers so there are no crazy dimensions, mobs, overpowered items, etc. Please report bugs you may find to help me improve the mod. I am always open to suggestions for the mod, but keep it realistic, no "Diamond Dimensions" or "Make a mob that drops 999999999 xp!"


Compressed Storage Blocks: Much like Iron, gold, and diamond blocks.

-Compressed Gunpowder: Better storage of gunpowder in blocks. These blocks are flammible. Beware

-Ender Pearl Block: Same as other ore blocks, just with Enderpearls. Not much about these.

New (unique) Ores: Now with Tungsten!

-Tungsten ore: Found on low levels and used to make blocks and ingots.

-Iridium ore (Coming soon!): Found on low levels and used for tools and recipies

Tekkify Staff Items!: For th great people at Tekkify (should totes check it out)

-Kirial's Ring: Weild the power of purple. The ring doesnt do much...

-Haid's Haidicookie: Fills up 4 peices of the hunger bar. Tribute to Haidify

Easter Eggs!: Find ALL the easter eggs!



As always, there is more coming soon and I hope to soo all of your suggestions!

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