Pit Spike version 1.7.10

Published by mcgooey on Sun, 04/05/2015 - 18:20
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Pit Spike version 1.7.10

This version of pit spikes has 4 different types of pit spikes:


  • Wood Pit Spike    


  • Cobblestone Pit Spike     


  • Iron Pit Spike       


  • Diamond Pit Spike          



I have created these pit spikes based off of the hardness, Resistance and damage of the material it was made out of.

The hardness represents the blast resistance. Each harness represents the hardness to each material.

Resistance represents the time it takes to harvest or break the block with a tool.

Tool to destroy. the set item assigned to break the spike

I have not set any luminance because I feel that without any redstone power coming from the spike there is no need. In the future if I add anything special to the pit spike I will make  it light up.

For the Future:

In the future I will create boxes to deploy the pit spikes from redstone. This will give you the option to create traps that are set off by pressure plates or whatever may come to mind.


Modification files
PitSpikes 1.7.10.zip - These are pit spikes that can be placed on the ground. When mobs collide with the spikes they will take damage.Uploaded on: 11/11/2016 - 07:58   File size: 181.35 KB