The Drill Mod

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This mod, as the title says, basically adds drills to Minecraft.


Sorry for the name bug in the 1.0.0 version.


The current drills are:

Wooden Drill

Stone Drill

Iron Drill

Golden Drill

Diamond Drill



Crafting is:




I   []

I I []

I   []


The drills are similar to pickaxes but are better just notifying you.

Wood Planks are for Wood Drill, Cobble for Stone Drill, Iron for Iron Drill, Gold for Golden Drill, and Diamond for Diamond Drill.

Next update will add Emerald Drills and possibly newer gems and drills of them too! (Hint: R-U, C-O-B-A, and S-T-E).


Update Log:


Added Wood Drill

Added Stone Drill

Added Iron Drill

Added Golden Drill

Added Diamond Drill


1.0.1 Final Update:

Added Ruby

Added Cobalt and Cobalt Drill

Added Emerald Drill

Added Steel Ingots (No reason :3)

Modification files