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It's just a 100% crazy pack that I made, full of random stuff. All the items that are in it now are below:

Thing                                                                                                                                                                                                                Idea By: (If idea by anyone other than me)

Banana Gun

Tab (Some items were allowed in there)

A Pokeball Mob'

Electrified Pokeball (dropped from Pokeball)

Dinosaur Plant....em...)


A "Void" Dimension, currently pretty useless

Special Dinosaur Structure that only spawns in the "Void" Dimension

Banana Ammo.... (Banana Slices) (Bit buggy with texture... half way up your arm...)

Carrot Hoe, very useless.... Barely any usage, can be used to craft something to get to the "Void" Dimension

A Tiny T-Rex

Ipad! Lights up when clicked!

Fairy Floss Plant and Food

Pineapple, now drops Pieces!

Pikachu, Right click Electrified Pokeball in air WARNING SPAWNING HIM IN WILL ZAP YOU!!!

Electrified Berry, Don't eat, it'll Zap you and take down your hunger about 4 bars

Love Amulet, Love Sword and Love Pickaxe

Love Diamond, Drops from LoveOre

Igloo in Ice Plains Biome

"Emo" Hair

BeeHive Hat

MarshMellow Mob.. SO CUTE!!!


Cup, Used to make Water in Cup

Water In Cup (Can Place, creates Coffee)

Coffee (Can Drink...)

A Few New Bosses That Drops a Sword

With All Those Swords And A Love Sword Creates a Special Sword

Pirate Ship Block


Achievements                             Cannot Obtain these yet because they're tied up to "Well This Is It" Which is glitching and preventing the others from being Achieved

Sweets In The Morning: Eat Marshmellow

Well This is it: Cannot Obtain... 

This Is Bananas!



Give me credit to everything you do with my mod! (EG Don't go posting this on PlanetMinecraft without 1. My Permission, or 2. Not giving me credit!


4.0 Will be out Soon!

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nods0123's Crazy Mod 4.0.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:20   File size: 446.18 KB

Thanks... It's a shame no-one really uses it.... Well.... I haven't seen any comments that is... just me... and you... D:

Ok Guys... I think it's nearly time to add a Mod Review...

Hope you enjoy!!!! I might add a mod review later on the track...