Kingdom Hearts Mod (1.0.1)

Published by wdtk on Sun, 04/19/2015 - 13:14
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Kingdom Hearts Mod V. 1.0.1

I would recommend using this mod in creative mode. As of yet, there are currently ways to get the keyblades in survival (working on this :) )


- 10 keyblades :

  • Kingdom Key + Power (Speed Boost)

- Can now be crafted with three munny and two iron rods.

  • Star Seeker + Power (Strengh Boost)
  • Hidden Dragon + Power (Fire Resistance Boost)
  • Heros Crest + Power (Resistance Boost)
  • Follow The Wind + Power (Jump Boost)
  • Mysterious Abyss + Power
  • Wishing Lamp
  • Decisive Pumpkin (My favourite so far!)
  • Circle of Life (Cool power!)
  • Guardian Soul

- 10 powers - 5 burst powers (right click)

                      - 5 keyblade independant powers (you will see...)

- Organisation 13 Roxas (Boss)

- Heartless Sheep - drops Iron Rods - watch out...

-Kingdom Hearts (The All-Powerful Heart!) with lightning and now godmode.

- Munny - Craft with one gold nugget (Gold nuggets will be easier to get.)

-Iron rod - two iron ingots diagonal.

Next release:

New Models: 

- Bond Of Flame

- Gullwing

- Oathkeeper

- Oblivion

- Rumbling Rose


Darkness - A liquid that destroys light.

Roxas with the oathkeeper.



Feel free to leave constructive feedback on my mod. Got any ideas or problems, leave them below.

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In development
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Kingdom Hearts - New and improved! Version KB

Please note, this is constantly being improved. Hope you like it!

Nice textures. Cool mod. I used to play kingdom hearts a lot.

Thanks for the nice comment! I am planning on bringing out new versions with all of the Kingdom Hearts keyblades and Organisation Members.

Greetings all. Right now I have stopped development on this mod and begun on another mod. This is a secret project of mine!