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      background-image: url("//i.imgur.com/VMDSdeX.png");   PotatoPlus Mod Hey! This is a mod I made - which adds more fab to minecraft; in the form of potatoes! If you liked this mod, be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to my youtube! Below is a list of features and crafting recipes =D  


  • New mob: Potator. A potato pig-killing monster. Spawns in the potation dimension.
  • New dimension: Potato Dimension. Same shape as nether portal but made with baked potato block and uses the "Potato Igniter" to ignite. The dimension is made out of potato blocks, baked potato blocks, and has Potators in it.
  • New gun: Potato Launcher. Currently, due to MCreator's slackness, uses potatoes for ammo but only shoots arrows so far ;-;
  • New Blocks: Potato block, made with potatoes in the way you make a snow block. Baked Potato Block, the same as potato block but everything is baked, and the block gives out smoke particles.
  • New biome: Potato Biome, made of potato blocks.
  • New Pointless liquid: Butter this is really pointless, except from the fact that it's melted - so yes, it adds yet another way to die. Fantastic, right?
  • New foods: Cold Fries, gains 2 hunger bars. Fries/Cooked Fries, gains 7 hunger bars; heheh. Garlic, only does 2 hunger bars, and gives nausea. Seasoned Potatoes, Yum. Made with garlic.
  • New Crop: Garlic. You can obtain seeds by breaking grass alot, and does not need to be planted on farmland.
  • New Armour: Potato Armour, gives the player speed. Just because. Deal with it. Angel Armour, which allows the player to fly in survival mode. Note: requires the helmet to fly, and the boots to negate all fall damage. The chestplate and leggings will not allow you to fly without the helmet.
  • New tools: Potato Tools, super good tools (Sword does 14 attack damage - twice as good as diamond >:D) and is fabulous. As anything potato is.

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PotatoPlus.zip - The mod file. Drag this into your 1.7.10 forge mod folderUploaded on: 08/06/2017 - 21:25   File size: 208.54 KB