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A Mod were you make food and pizza! You can use a oven to cook all types of food instantly. You can Find Tomato Plants in field and grind wheat into flour. This mod is perfect for someone who really likes cooking in real life. So why not give it a try! Craft a oven by surrounding a furnace in iron ingots, then you can cook all you like, NO FUEL NEEDED! Made by Supermango9 this awesome mod is good for anybody. Download the mod now and you won't be disappointed. Pizza is an delicious food so why not have it in minecraft?

Modification files - A Mod were you make food!Uploaded on: 07/22/2016 - 05:24   File size: 55.71 KB
Ovens Part - Child ModUploaded on: 07/22/2016 - 05:24   File size: 59.38 KB

Where is the download??,How did you make an ove please reply right away i really want to make one :( :)

I thought thought this mod is very good ^^ It would be nice to have some custom textures though Like the tomatoes and make the tomato plant two blocks tall.
is it possible it add a delay for use on the oven so you can use it once every 3 secs? because spamming right click on it seems a bit overpowered.
This is my own opinion and you don't need to listen to me but i'de just find these would be an amazing addition for a mod that has opportunity.
Thanks for reading.