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ItemOres Mod v0.1.5.4 BETA

Hello Everyone! This mod has been updated to v0.1.5.2 finally(now v0.1.5.4)! The reason why it took so long to update was due to mcreator 1.5.6 issues I was having. However it is all fixed now and my first stable version of the update is finally ready! The changelog is below to what I did and most of the details are explained in the video or left for you to find out!

Changelog (v0.1.5.4):

  • Rebalanced Cactus King
  • Changed recipe command from saying v0.1.1 to v0.1.5.4

Changelog (v0.1.5.2 [+ equals new or modified things, - equals removed or nerfed things, = equals stayed the same things]):

+ 2 new Ores!

+ New Cactus Ingots and modified recipes

+ Recipes command changed from /IORecipes to /recipes

+ Added new WIP Cactus Boss

- Mushroom now heals 1 hunger bar instead of 1 1/2

- Cactus Armour defense decreased

- Cactus Sword reduced from 14 attack damage to 10

- Removed Withered Netherrack

= Mushroom Ore and TNT Ore

= Cactus Armour Texture

= Wither Essence and Skeleton Skull Recipes

Thats all I got! Keep checking in for more updates coming soon! (Also be sure to reply your comments or ideas you think could be added in!)

Modification files
ItemOreMod V0.0.1 - First ReleaseUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:20   File size: 25.29 KB
ItemOreMod V0.0.6 Alpha.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:20   File size: 58.12 KB
ItemOres Mod v0.1.5.2 - The Big Beta Update!Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:20   File size: 392.35 KB
ItemOres Mod v0.1.5.4 Beta.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:20   File size: 558.92 KB

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Hey! I just saw your vid. Want some help with your mod? If yes, the please reply.

@#2 Thanks for asking! If you could tell my some of your suggestions for the mod that would be great! I'm working on version 0.1.1 BETA now, and I'm thinking of adding some new boss ore mobs. How does that sound?

Updated to v0.0.6
- New Command
- Cactus Armour
- New (Nether) Ore
- 2 new Materials
- Ore Spawning Issues