Temporal Tools 1.7.10

Published by Aelurus42 on Sun, 05/03/2015 - 13:07
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The Temporal Tools mod is an expansion for Minecraft that adds a new resource: the Temporal Shard.

The Temporal Shards can be found from Temporal Ore, which is mined deep underground.

You can craft Temporal Shards into Temporal Swords, Pickaxes, Axes, Hoes, Axes, Shovels and Armor! Each one has its own special effect (Use Item button), but it costs extra durability on the tool.

Bows can be crafted additionally with the vanilla bow recipe and a Temporal Shard in the center.

The Temporal Shovel has a devastating ability! Use it wisely! ;)

You can also craft Temporal Chain Links by arranging four Temporal Shards in the crafting grid like the outside of a compass. These can be used to craft Temporal Chain Armor.

You can also craft a Time Machine block to travel to the Temporal Dimension! The recipe is 3 cobble slabs on bottom, then iron blocks on either side of the middle with a Temporal Shard in the center, and redstone on either side on the top and a Temporal Shard in the middle. To activate it, arrange a lot of Time Machines into the Nether portal configuration, then use the Temporal Flame, which can be crafted with a Temporal Shard, a single Nether Quartz, and an Eye of Ender.

In the Temporal Dimension, there is a new mob - the Orc! Be careful, they are dangerous!

NOTE: I am not sure if Orcs are spawning yet, but the spawn egg should be in the creative inventory. I will fix that when I have time.


Features in 0.2.0:

  • Temporal Ore
  • Temporal Shard
  • Temporal Sword
  • Temporal Axe
  • Temporal Pickaxe
  • Temporal Shovel
  • Temporal Hoe
  • Temporal Armor
  • Temporal Chain
  • Temporal Armor
  • Temporal Bow
  • Time Machine
  • Temporal Flame
  • Time Dimension!
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