Mo'Kitchen [WIP]

Published by davipatury on Sun, 05/03/2015 - 17:17
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This mod adds kitchen items, is the development version, constant updates.


Version 0.1: Kitchen Cabinet, Kitchen Knife,

Cutting Board and Fries!


Version 0.2: Fridge, Oven, others...

Kitchen Knife


Kitchen Cabinet

In the future you can store items inside!




Cutting Board

You can cut your potatoes here! Make fries!


PS: The wooden things is Pressure Plates.

Raw Fries:

Making Raw Fries:

Right click on a Cutting Board(with Knife) with a potato and make 3 Raw Fries!


Cooking Raw Fries:



Right click with a knife on a empty Cutting Board and make a Cutting Board with knife

Start breanking a Cutting Board (With Knife) and remove the knife

With Knife

(With Knife)

(Without Knife)


PS: This is my first mod, sorry for my errors and my bad english.

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I Tried It ITS SO COOL I Like How You Right Click To Open And Close The Kitchen Cabinet

Great man so good no bugs or errors for me and that's good youll get mod of the week If you keep working on a great mod so congratts on your mod :)

Its not a original idea BUT the way you use techne models its realy cool,so thumbs up :)

Congratz and awesome mod! Quality is always better then Quantity!

I just did a Mod Spotlight on this mod.

all he did to make the cabnets open is when you right click it replaces the block with the open and closed versions

with which element type i can make things like this (like furnitures).
I am new to MCreator.