Mo'Kitchen [WIP]

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This mod adds kitchen items, is the development version, constant updates.


Version 0.1: Kitchen Cabinet, Kitchen Knife,

Cutting Board and Fries!


Version 0.2: Fridge, Oven, others...

Kitchen Knife


Kitchen Cabinet

In the future you can store items inside!




Cutting Board

You can cut your potatoes here! Make fries!


PS: The wooden things is Pressure Plates.

Raw Fries:

Making Raw Fries:

Right click on a Cutting Board(with Knife) with a potato and make 3 Raw Fries!


Cooking Raw Fries:



Right click with a knife on a empty Cutting Board and make a Cutting Board with knife

Start breanking a Cutting Board (With Knife) and remove the knife

With Knife

(With Knife)

(Without Knife)


PS: This is my first mod, sorry for my errors and my bad english.

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with which element type i can make things like this (like furnitures).
I am new to MCreator.

all he did to make the cabnets open is when you right click it replaces the block with the open and closed versions

I just did a Mod Spotlight on this mod.

Congratz and awesome mod! Quality is always better then Quantity!

Its not a original idea BUT the way you use techne models its realy cool,so thumbs up :)

Great man so good no bugs or errors for me and that's good youll get mod of the week If you keep working on a great mod so congratts on your mod :)

I Tried It ITS SO COOL I Like How You Right Click To Open And Close The Kitchen Cabinet