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    This mod is very simple in what it wants to do. Simpily, it adds Rubber Trees to your worlds. When you mine the wood while having a Glass Bottle in your inventory, you will harvest Latex, which is a crafting ingredient for this mod. Also, when you mine the Rubber Wood, you obtain 4 Wood Chips. When you have 9 Wood Chips, you can craft a single Oak Wood Plank.

Rubber Tree

Oak Wood Plank

    Latex, combined with Sugar, can craft Chewing Gum which, when eaten, inflicts Night Vision, Saturation, and Speed for a few seconds. Also, you can smelt Latex to obtain Rubber. Rubber, when placed in a circle around a Cobblestone, creates Rubber Floors, which are like carpets yet have Stone properties. You can also smelt these Rubber Floors to obtain Fancy Rubber Floors, which look fancy.


Chewing Gum

Rubber Floor

Fancy Rubber Floor


    Finally, when you place Rubber with a single Gunpowder, you can craft Tough Rubber. With this, you can craft a full toolset of Rubber stuff in the same fashion as other tools.

Tough Rubber


    That's about all that's in this mod as of now. To install, you must unzip the download file and place the mod from the "Place in Mods Folder"  into your mods folder of your Minecraft directory. If you want, you can also check recipes in the file and the version history.

Modification files
(Unzip) JiD's Rubberworks V1.0 {1.7.10}.zip - Download and Unzip!Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:20   File size: 170.27 KB

I'm sorry about the nearly duplicated comments; I had some internet issues and it didn't show the first one so I typed it up again. Then, after reloading, both appeared.

You should remove [IMG] and [/IMG] from the pictures to make them show. I made one for you so you can see what you have to do.