Five Craft at Freddy's v0.0.5

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Five Craft at Freddy's { v0.5.0 } [1.7.10] (15% Done)


[Version 1.0.0: 90% Done]


Five Craft at Freddy's is a mod about Five Night at Freddy's stuff, its just a decorative mod, he will not contain "animatronics mob" because so many mod do it. With Five Night at freddy's 4, the mod will be a little bit "upgraded".

All of the recipes are work in progress, if you see some bugs please tell me :)


Update 1.0.0 preview:

-Custom Block tab

-Custom Blocks (from players)

-New 3D models

-and more...


This mod also contain:

-Wall blocks


-Air Duct

-security Camera


Work in progress:

-Guard desk (FNAF1 , FNAF2 , FNAF3)

-Animatronics (Decoration)


-Night guard tablet


-custom blocks (wall, desk...)

-night guard hat

-Paper plates guys

-Some Draw from the childrens

-The cupcake (of course)



-easter eggs ;)

-FNAF 1 , FNAF 2 , FNAF 3 stuff (of course)

-and more stuff...




(...Work in progress...)





(...Work in progress...)


Downloads (Adfly) :


V0.5.0 :



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