Hallowed Mod (Dimension)

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Hallowed Mod


- 1 x Dimension

- 2 x Blocks (Hallowed Bricks [Portal Frame] & Dead Grass)

- 4 x Mobs (Reaper [Boss]: Drops Reaper Scythe) (Litch [Boss]: Drops Vertabrae Sword) (Skeleton Creeper: Drops Hallowed Ingots & bones) (Carnage: Drops Vertabrae)

- 3 x Items (Hallowed Ingot: Used to craft Hallowed Bricks) (Red Skull [Spawns Reaper]: Craft with 4 Redstone Blocks around a Skeleton Skull [Skull can be crafted with 8 bones surrounding a hallowed ingot]) (Spine [Spawns The Litch]: Crafted by 3 Vertabrae) 

- 2 x Weapons (Dropped by the Reaper) Reaper Scythe & (Dropped by The Litch) Vertabrae Sword


Portal Instructions:

To Make the portal, obtain at least 41 (Excluding corners) Hallowed Ingots (From killing Skeleton Creepers or by crafting).

Craft 10 Hallowed Bricks and make a nether portal like portal with these Bricks. Use the extra 1 with an iron ingot to make the portal lighter.


To Craft Hallowed Ingots:

Put 9 sugar in the craft table


To Summon The Reaper:

Craft a red skull by obtaining 4 redstone blocks and 1 skeleton skull (Craft with 8 bones surrounding 1 hallowed ingot)

Place the Skull in the middle of the craft table and place the redstone blocks around the skull. Right Click any block.


To Summon The Litch:

Place 3 vertabrae diagonally in the craft table.


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