[1.7.10] Butter Mod Advanced [W.I.P]

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Butter Mod Advanced

Intruduction to BMA:

Hello! This is the first time I have uploaded a mod i've made with Pylo. It's called Butter Mod Advanced (or BMA for short). I will continue to update and upgrade this mod.

This version currently have: Gelatin, Cream, Butter and Vanillia Beans.


Creating Butter Step-by-step:

You will need: Gelatin, Vanillia Beans, Cream and Milk to make a Raw Butter.

Aquiring Vanillia Beans: There is a 2% chance to "find" Vanillia Beans when using a bonemeal.

To get more Vanillia Beans, just place it on a tree (Works on most trees) and right click with a Bucket of Water(You will get the bucket back)


Aquiring Gelatin: To make some Gelatin Water, put a cooked porkchop into a furnace

Craft it with a Bowl to aquire Bowl of Gelatin Water

Place it on Ice and right click to "cool" it down. Turning it into Bowl of Gelatin

Put the Bowl of Gelatin into a crafting table to extract the Gelatin


Aquiring Butter: Milk a cow.

Turn Gelatin, Vanillia Beans and Milk into Cream

Make butter


Next Verison:

Buttered Food








Special Foods


Modification files
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