Call of Minecraft:AdvancedCraftfare V-1.2

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This is my first ever realeased mod and I hope you all like it!

Thanks so much for mod of the week! <3

Thank you xXMCXx for the sweet mod review! :D


This mod currently adds most of the guns from Advanced Warfare into Minecraft along with EXO suits and EXO abilities

All guns in this mod are craftable.

EXO Suits are also craftable giving you abilities depending on the type when full suit is equiped, they allow for enhanced Minecraft gameplay and one-shot punching creepers!

Guns vary in damage but most deal 4-5 full hearts per shot (2 or 3 shot kill)

I really want to expand the mod more with Black Ops/World at War guns etc etc, But I need to see if anyone likes it first :P

Please, give feedback! I want to know what I can improve on!


Currently in this Mod:

AW Guns:















Uniqe ammo for each gun,

Packed iron,

Short Gun Barrel,

Medium Gun Barrel,

Long Gun Barrel,

Small Gun Body,

Medium Gun Body,

Large Gun Body,

Small Gun Stock,

Medium Gun Stock,

Large Gun Stock,

EXO Ablitiy Items:





EXO Core (required for boost jumping)

Miscellanious Stuff:

EXO Boost key (Default is F, doesn't boost you though I need to fix)

Light EXO Suit, 

Heavy EXO Suit,

Specialist EXO Suit

Spawn EXO Tykinator Spawn Egg



(Link to them at least, couldn't get them to work on here)


Known Bugs/Glitches with version 1.2:

Shotgun's spray arrows can be picked up.

Boost key doesn't boost you at all.

You can use the broken boost ability without exo suit.


Planned Features

3D Guns

World at War Guns

Black Ops 2 Guns

Fixing bugs :P

Some generic warfare items, claymore, grenade, etc etc

Better Textures (I'm no artist, I do my best)

Sorting Into Tabs

Zombies Mode o.0


Also I built this recreation of Instinct from AW to play on and I thought you guys might like it too!…

WARNING: ID's got jacked up in 1.1 so I need to repair all the command blocks so they like, work and stuffs.

Its got easy weapon choosing, global saturation effect and spawning mechanics. :D


Thanks guys! Hope you like it! :)

Modification files
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Okay guys, what do you all want for Version 1.3? Please tell meh! :D

Next Update will be prirmarily orginazation. Sorting guns into the Creative Tabs etc etc.

Tykinator can you add the models of the guns.Like the Obsidia,Amelia others.

Sorry if a I dont write very well I speak spanish ;D

Hey man. do u need help with the zombie's mode. maybe i can help you with it. also i can help you with the guns.only 2d though. but they can be hd. if you want to take this offer contact me over skype.

My skype name is:chillhillgamer

@#16 yes sir I would very much appreciate it! I havent't really played any DLC maps from any CoD, I only have WaW. Think you could build? :D

Btw, I have really crappy satellite internet so I can't vid but we can chat with it.
Thanks very much!