Villagercraft [1.7.10]

Published by Betelgeuze on Sun, 05/31/2015 - 18:19
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Villagercraft is a mod new add a diemension and new two mobs,new more ores and new a liquid and new a stone

explore to the Emerald Planet! there many villagers and villager monsters like witches,zomagars and more



1.0.1 (New release!)

Added Emerald Cobblestone

Added Emerald Stone Brick

Added Emerald Gravel

Added Skeager Mob

Added Villager Happy Particles for portal effect


1.1 (upcoming)

Added Emerator (boss mob) (spawn in Emeraldtic Dungeon)

Added Super Emerald (used make to armor,sword and tools. get super emerald form boss killed)t

Fixed Villager diemension portal spawn Zombie pigmen

Added New blocks Ruby,Emita,Ella and Evaita

Added Ruby tools,armor and sword

Added Creeillgar (Creeillger is mixed between creeper and villager, Creeillgar will explode like creeper)

Added Emerald Brick

Added Emeraldtic Dungeon

Added Emerald Obsdian

Added Emerald Water

Added Emerald Golem

Added Emerald Chiseled Stone Brick

Added Emerald Pillar Stone

Added Emerald Glowstone


The Portal and The Staff


The Molten Emerald


Many types villager spawn in the diemension (Villagers,Emeraldmen,Witches and Zomagars)


The ores in overworld the ores used make to Emerald staff and portal to the enter diemension



Guys please add videos form my mod? i will add by BlockIt Ad remover">VIDEOS to the OP

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