MoreThanVanilla 1.7.10 ALPHA

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The MoreThanVanilla minecraft mod is meant to enhance minecraft gameplay,not change it. Many mods I have seen nowadays change the game so much it doesn't feel the same. This mod follows the borders of minecraft and introduces items that you would expect from a future update. Craftable chain armor,new ores,two new sets of tools. There is even 4 new sets of armor! New foods have been added to add to your kitchen and/or garden and you can finally have those cherry trees you always wanted in minecraft. If you travel far enough,and long enough,you may even find a rare biome where giants spawn! I am going to work on getting a mod showcase video very soon so I don't have many pictures yet,(and since I cant host them currently at a URL address.). When the video comes out you will see all of the mod! Including a listen to two new ambient songs and even a new portal! What are you waiting for? Spruce up your plain ol vanilla minecraft without the fear of changing the game! To download the mod,use this link! . The mod is so large I couldn't upload it through MCreators site. Because of this,I have two mods listed here. One was a mod I made for a friends channel (techload) and the other is by the mediafire link. The techload one is listed here on this page. PS:One last note. This mod is in ALPHA. That means I will continue to update the mod for more items. I will take suggestions from comments and more! If you want to have a higher chance of contacting me,hit up my twitter @bubby0304. Talk to you guys later.

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