More tools and items mod (WIP)

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Hi,this is my first mod,so don't expect much of this

It is in a long WIP

This mod for now adds food,an emerald sword,armor and pickaxe

will be updated to 1.8 later

Patch notes:


-Plate is now maked with 6 clays instead of 6 iron

-Spaghetti hunger bars gives now 4,5 hunger bars

-Hamburguer crafting was changed



-Launched mod

-Food:Orange and Orangejuice(there will be a patch in the future that will get ways to you get this things,for now its creative mode only),Hamburguer,Spaghetti

-Armor: Emerald Armor

-Added plates

-Added Emerald Sword and Emerald Pickaxe


Any suggestion,or a bug,please say to me,thanks :P

Modification files