Chimneycraft Mod

Published by Mezmerize4 on Sun, 06/28/2015 - 13:24
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In development
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Introduction :

The Chimneycraft mod allows you to create chimneys with simples items


Addons :

This mod adds to the game 2 blocks

- Chimney smoke block

- Chimney Tower

In Creative mode, we can find thoses blocks in the decoration block tab

What is this mod for ?


Actually, this mod is just created to bring some realism in the game

the Chimney smoke block is creating smoke particles above himself to a pretty distance. The chimney tower is made for being a realistic chimney tower in which the chimney smoke get out

in parallel, you can also hide a furnace in a wall of chimney towers.and you can also use the chimney smoke block to show your location quietly. useful in a multiplayer team pvp game.


That is all.


Enjoy this mod like i enjoyed it :)

Modification files
Chimneycraft - A mod for crating chimneys1.18 MB