Beyond View Mod V.1.0.0

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Welcome to Beyond a view, this mod is a W.I.P and will have updates alot.

When fully finished this game will have:


-6 bosses

-4 new dimensions

-over 20 mobs

-6 new sets of armour and tools

-10 structures

-10 new biomes

-30 new blocks

-20 new items


So far this mod has:


-1 boss

-1 new struc

-3 new mobs

-1 new set of armour

and more...

Beyond view will be an epic mod for those who dare travel into the beyond!

Make sure to go to my Website for more of my mods:

Hope you like and check up on updates!

Make sure to download the addons!

Techo Craft:

MUST READ: the pleae use a crafting recipe mod to see how these are made, they are very stric so if not done exactly right will not craft the item!


Also to make the tutorial book put 1 dirt in the center of your crafting table :D

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