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Ever wanted a bit more fun in creative? A few more blocks to automate without cost? Well, this is BlockTools! BlockTools is a block-centered, purely creative mode mod. It only adds its specialty, cubes. From getting free diamonds to controlling time, You can be as lazy as ever.

List of blocks-

Daystone- turns time to day. 

Nightstone- turns time to night.

Nether Portal Block- Teleports you to the nether.

End Portal Block- Teleports you to the end.

Strenghly Block- Gives you Strengh.

Seaweed Block- Gives you Water Breathing.

Speed Block- Gives you speed .

Healer Block- Heals you .

Nourishment Block- Restores Hunger Bars.

Kill Block- Kills you (unless in creative).

Pig Spawning Block.

Cow Spawning Block.

Chicken Spawning Block.

Sheep Spawning Block.

Free Diamonds/!- Gives you diamonds.

Ender Dragon Totem- Trades Endstone for Sand.

There aren't any recipes because theyare creative only.


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BlockTools - A mod that adds in purely creative mode but fun itemsUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:22   File size: 181.44 KB