TheMagicKing|Version 0.02

Published by Kay12345 on Fri, 08/14/2015 - 13:09
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  • Long ago, three great kingdoms fought to the death but a man managed to make a world of monsters, but at some point the spell was uncontrollable, that man has not been found and Creeper King, Ghast Queen and Lion King came out and monsters began to be infected by the three. Lion King had no power to infect so he took the best fighters now have to be destroyed before it is too late.
  • Great Creator of nowhere and is now as did all the monsters, now he must be destroyed, it is found in a certain place.
Modification files - Continuing the story is in the next version.462.88 KB

Excuse my English because they are Romanian.I have to add a few things and two monsters. then I put the version 0.02. I gave him another name because I did a story.