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The Radioactive Craft is a great Mod which adds:

Power Charge-can be a fuel for a furnace,and used to make a Radioactive Creator-


Radioactive Creator-makes Radioactive Bars-


Bar Of Radiation-used in lots of recipes,and can be used as fuel in a furnace-


Radioactive Ball-can be thrown by Radiation Gloves-


Radiation Gloves-can throw Radioactive Balls-damage:25 -and summons a square of fire when thrown-

Water Dripper-drips water until it runs out-50 percent chance every time-



Empty Water Dripper-achieved when Water Dripper runs out of water,and can't be crafted-


Water Boots-make you immune to fire-good if you're using the Radiation Gloves-


Radioactive vine block-summons lightning when touchedon by a mob and has fire particles-


Radioactive TNT-summons a square of fire and it also EXPLODES when touched-


Radioactive Block-summons lightning and gives you Radioactive Balls but there's a 5 percent chance of it destroying itself-

Radioactive Sword- it does 14 damage and has 250,000 uses!-


And the Radioactive Villlager-Found in the nether and sometimes spawn with Radioactive Swords and its drops are Radioactive Swords and rarely a power charge-


Radioactive Craft is great and I think you would enjoy it. Bye!




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