Published by hotrod747 on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 04:55
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!WARNING! NEI or craftguide is HEAVLY RECOMENDED for this mod

This is stuff&guns the mod with stuff and guns... no crap sherlock

the items will be broken up into groups for easy reading:


Darkstone ore: this ore has the hardness of 2.65 and is used in darkstone armor/weapons stuff like that.

Darkstone block: bruh its a block.

empty soda: the glassy remains of a short lived soda

cap: the top of soda need to craft...soda. "I will show you the wonders"

dirty wrist explosive: ???

syringe and bloody syringe: just stick a syringe in pork.


pistol: fires the pistol round (9mm/45. ACP).

E60: the most expencive weapon in the mod its made of emeralds and its ammo is gunpowder

M16: uses that same ammo as the pistol

chicago typewriter: same as pistol (the ammo)

Little boy: mini nuke FTW

throwable lighter: ok this was a test. *animated*

wrist explosive: predator spinoff

Jenny: chainsword FTW!!!! *animated*

switch blade: stab stab stab


pizza: *Animated...ish*

pepperoni: RIP in pepperoni

cheeze: HL2 citizen made this

soda: not nuka-cola

potion of athletics: now you can be in the 2016 rio olympics


little boy ammo: mini nukes FT...aww you know it

exploder: mob totaly based of the predator

loney man: FALLOUT 4 HYPEEEEE!

it should end here bye....

Modification files
stuff& - as always NEI or craftguide will be wise9.97 MB