The Awesomite Mod

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Notice: This mod has been discontinues, due to my getting a new computer, and in truth it sucks.




This mod adds Awesomite Ore to the game which when mined will give you Awesomite. Awesomite can be crafted into Awesomite tools and Armour using normal recipes, just with Awesomite.(Duh.)



Awesomite Ore






Awesomite Sword

Awesomite Pickaxe

Awesomite Axe

Awesomite Shovel

Awesomite Hoe



Awesomite Armour


Planned Updates

Awesomite Rotatiller.

Awesomite Block (Would be in this one but I suck at GUI's.)

Gui for Awesomite Block that let's you turn 64 iron into 1 diamond and vice versa.

Nova Gem Ore with tools.

Nova Paxel

Maybe a mob once I learn to use Techne.

Other Awesome Stuff (I have no idea what else to add, Ideas in the comments please.)



Known Bugs

The tools don't sit right in third person, this is a bug with MCreator (Will be fixed in the next update)

There is no texture to the breaking particles for the ore (I don't know how to do this)

The tools break slow, but I didn't know what the efficiency had to be set at to be as fast as diamond.

If you find any bugs please report them in the comments, and I will do my best to fix them.


Please note this is my first mod and I know it sucks, just please no hating.

Modification files - A mod that adds Awesomite StuffsUploaded on: 08/25/2015 - 17:41   File size: 189.99 KB

Edit: I set the efficiency to 100 and its a little faster than diamond, it mines obsidion in like 6 seconds, so yea, next update, Here we come!

Hey thanks for commenting! I didn't plan on releasing the next version unless I got one comment, but now when it is I will complete it.
I set the harvest level to 5, and the efficiency to 24, so I don't understand why it sucks, but thanks.

mcreator really needs a eficiency description with a set f numbers, but i know the efficiency values: 1 = wood 2= stone and tehn the others i don't know, but to break as fast as diamond you need the 5 value