Definitely NOT Seeds!

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Is your inventory not getting full enough after clearing out those giant patches of grass? Do you often complain about having too much inventory room? are you willing to take risks? *Scary Music*

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the mod for you! Definitely NOT Seeds! (or DNS for short) adds several items that have a chance to drop when grass is broken.

The items consist of several tiers: Inferior - Basically can't use these item for any purpose, Traps - Items that try to kill you,  Mediocre - Potentially useful items, Godly - These items make you OP AF! There is a detailed guide of most (if not) all the items, however I do recommend not looking at it because I feel the mod is a lot more fun when you don't know what to expect!

If you enjoy this mod, or experienced any bugs please remember to comment.


Modification files - Definitely NOT Seeds 1.0Uploaded on: 10/22/2017 - 20:45   File size: 300.7 KB

I do not understand how this is useful..

Not trying to be mean,

Love this.
If you are looking for suggestions I have some ideas
craft 9 piles of dirt to equal a dirt block
craft 9 twig equal a sapling and/or craft 3 twig vertically to make a stick
The one ring should be rare and turn you invisible or make mobs scared of you when held.
9 broken hearts make a loving heart that you can use/eat to get regen or and health like golden apples
Can you make pokiballs capture animals for easier transport
make cake eatable

I rated it fully and i havent iven been on it it look like a realy good mod!!!! :)

Great mod, anyone wanting to help me create a new mod? I have an idea! BTW my mod is the Orepia Mod, you can find it in the Popular mod section in modifications.

Realy cool!
We should work together!
I can make add stuff and add feuture to items.
Like add wands!
I can make MP3 playing music in the postion every time.
Or anithing else.

I like the review and I will download the mod, can I use it in my Skyblock pack along with the mod I made ( which was apparently taken down but it doesn't matter because I have it downloaded already?