FusionCraft 0.7

Published by Citrilius on Sun, 08/30/2015 - 03:26
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============= FusionCraft Alpha RPG Mod ==============

-Fight Through Monsters With New Equipment

-Find The Legendary Weapons

-Very Lots of Fun

-Known Bugs| 2 Missing Textures 1 Bugged Boss

Inform Any New Bug

=== 0.9 ===

Coming Features

-2 New Structures

-2 New Bosses 1 New Mob

-3 New Ores e Material

-New Equipment

-1 New Dimension

i Will Update as fast as Possible its hard because Mcreator Glitching out =(

=== How Install Mod ===

1.Download The Mod

2.Open .minecraft folder

3.drag the mod on the Mods Folder

4.download Forge for 1.8 if you dont have Forge

Thanks For Downloading!!!

Project status
In development
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