Religion Mod

Published by legrinu on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 10:36
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The Religion Mod is actually in Pre-Alpha 0.3.6. It adds new Mobs, new Dimensions and new Items/Blocks. 

It adds on Heaven and one Hell (actually). You can think now "I can use The Aether and the Nether" but we will add, in the future, the greek heaven, the agyptian heaven and more! 

So we hope you understand that the Mod is in a Pre-Alpha and have Bugs.

All Screenshots from the actuall mod:


The mod is in german (because i am german) but when it is finished we will make an english version of it

Modification files

You can create the Portal to Heaven like a Nether Portal with the Heaven Blocks. For the Hell its the same but with Hellblocks :)