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This is an adventure fantasy mod, for now it just add 5 new swords, 5 new alloys and 3 rings that give you effects when they are in the inventory

The swords, dont have any special effect, and they wont have any, they wont shot fire, or lightnings, the sword are just for looking good sword.


How to get the alloys

Steel, surround an iron ingot with carbon (coal), then put the alloy in the furnance

Carmesi, surround a steel ingot with redstone, then put the alloy in the furnance

Prismarine, surround a steel ingot with Prismarine, then put the alloy in the furnance

Mythril, surround a steel ingot with Diamond dust, then put the alloy in the furnance

Valyrian steel

You need to made some Magic Dragon Breath, once you got it you can craft the valyrian steel(**NOTE** It is suppouse that the dragon breath should last for 4 valyrian ingot, for now i dont know how to get it so it wont dissapear)

Edge Blade 5 Steel Ingot a normal steel blade 1200 Durability 8 Dmg


Spike Blade 3 Steel ingot and 4 Valyrian Ingots 1200 Durability 12 Dmg


Carmesi Greatsword Blade 7 Carmesi Ingots 800 Durability 12 Dmg


Carmesi Blade 3 Carmesi ingot 800 Durability 10 Dmg


Mythril Blade 3 Mythril Ingot 2600 Durability 11 dmg


Valyrian Blade 7 Valyrian Ingot 4000 Durability 16 Dmg

Thanks for the dowloads


i want to add as many swords as i can image, and some axes, hammers and armor(future)


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