Upreck mod

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Get the Final update here!!!!!!!

For some reason I dont have enough data on here to upload the file so here is the link too the mod download!!!!



Bucket list for mod

check:Posted mod and files

check:Final update forever!!!!!!!


What this mod has to offer.

Lots of armor and ores

lots of bosses and mobs

Many crafting recipes and powerful weapons to craft

Lots of weapons and tools

and lots of food

This mod well be also up to 10Mb Sooo you already know its going to be big!!!!!!!!!!

Modification files
Upreck V1.3.3.2.zipUploaded on: 09/09/2015 - 01:43   File size: 811.52 KB

I has an idea (my grammar is very bad!) can you will made a more weapons and wool armor:)

wool sword +4 damage

wool axe +1damage