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Hello and welcome to my mod page. In this mod I made many things, including ore processing (through machine crafting), tools, and blocks


The first thing included is ore processing. You can craft machines, and when you do so you get 64 of that machines (This is not a bug it is intended). When you get all 6 of the machines, you can duplicate gold or iron ores, by 7x. (Craft together [Gold ore / Iron Ore, All 6 machines, Coal, and Battery]) The 6 machines include Powered Furnace, Softener, Ore Manipulator, Multi Smelter, De-Magnetizer, and Generator. The second thing included in this mod is the Tools. The damage values are a little gliched, but the explonition set is meant to be very good. The nicrio is meant to be as good as iron, but as durable as gold (Still a WIP). There are 3 decorative blocks added in this mod. They are the Green Block, Blue Block, Black Block. They can each be crafted from their stained clay version. There is going to be a illusion version added soon. (Remember WIP) Another added was a NEW DIMENSION. It is the molten dimension. The dimension seems scary on its own, but it is the safest spot in the minecraft world. (Meant to be that way). There is no mobs spawning there, and there is no lava underground... But there are no resources in this dimension so you cant stay forever. The dimension is red, and meant to be scary though it is not at all deadly.

That is all there is for this mod. There is more to be added as it is a WIP. If anyone wants to add it in their modpack feel free to do so, but I must warn that this mod might not be suited for multiplay, as it has not been tested with many players on a server. Hope you can enjoy the mod. And for the recipes for everything I will soon include those, but for now use NEI with it. There is currently no mod review for this mod though if anyone says they made on and puts a link I will make sure it can go as a mod review


When using the Explonition Tool you will find that you do not get stone. The Explonition Tool is a ITEM, not a tool. It is used as a multi purpose tool, because the Multi Tool tag on a tool doesnt work really. It can "Mine" is the Nicrio Ore, though that can be picked up by hand.


Modification files
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Feel free to give a mod review over the mod. I will also take any suggestions that you have and take them into consideration.