Weapon Surplus Mod

Published by gompsderp on Wed, 09/30/2015 - 15:17
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  The Weapon Surplus Mod adds many helpful and fun weapons to use!

This mod adds:

- Crossbow

More Powerful than a Bow but more costly.

- Plasma Cannon

The most powerful weapon in the mod. The EnderDragon should be scared!

- Rocket Launcher

A very quick way to mine, but also a powerful weapon.

- Minigun

Fires out zillions of arrows in a very short time period!

- Wizard Cloak (Chestplate)

Wear this to gain Invisibility, Regeneration, Speed, and Haste!

- Bedrock Sword

WAY better than a diamond sword and lots of duribility!

- Broadswords

There are 3 Broadswords. Bedrock, Diamond, and Iron.

Does HEAVY damage.

- Knife

Sacrifice Durribility for Attack Damage!


Time for the Crafting Recipes!






Modification files
WeaponSurplusMod.zip - Download the Weapon Surplus Mod here!265.58 KB