Basic Addons Mod (Re-uploaded)

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Hello everybody! Today I will show you my new mod which is named Basic Addons Mod for minecraft version 1.7.10.

Finnaly Re-uploaded Now! This mod adds Tools and Ores for now but I will add Food,Plants etc.

The blocks will be crafted like quartz block with 4 ingots,crystals!

The tools will be crafted normaly like every normal Tool in minecraft except the special Staffs which will be crafted from 2 sticks and 3 ingots or crystals!


Changelog 0.0.1:

Re-Upload Release!

Citrine,Distine,Magmatize Blocks

Citrine,Distine,Magmatize Tools + Staffs

Citrine,Distine,Magmatize Ingots,Crystals

Citrine,Distine,Magmatize Ores

Fixed bugs:

Nothing cause that is the release date! If you see any bugs please comment below!

Video tutorial will come soon!

The textures are all new now!

Hope you enjoy the mod! If you want to give some ideas comment below!

Planning in 0.0.2:

-Small Bag (18 Slots)

-Big Bag (36 Slots)

-Large Bag (54 Slots)

Planning in 0.0.3:

Adding much food (oranges,strawberrys,pears etc.)

Adding much plants (orange plant,strawberry plant,pear plant etc.)


The New Update is Near! 0.0.2 will be hopefully released soon!

Images comming in 0.0.2!


Thanks for 50 downloads! I will really do my best to update this mod tommorow! 0.0.2 + 0.0.3 will hopefully come out tommorow!

"""""CLOSED""""" This mod will not be updating anymore! My computer's hard disk has gone and now I got nothing left from the mod!

"""""NEWS""""" If 1.6.3 comes out this mod will have a massive new design and lots of new stuff! So stay tuned!

Modification files
BasicAddonsMod 0.0.1.jar - Basic Addons Mod 0.0.1 [Latest]Uploaded on: 11/13/2015 - 23:09   File size: 123.38 KB

@naruto23 thx ;D! Yes I can tell you how to make the ore but I will need to tell you a long time and you may wont understand some things so I think I will make a tutorial in the forum and I will tell how to make it!

Can you lead me how to make the ore?? I will very appreciate if you can.