The Hallowfest Mod!

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Hi Guys my new mod of Halloween is Here!Happy Halloween!

This mod adds:

-3 new mobs:

1-Disguised Hallow-Zombie

2-Disguised Hallow-Skeleton

3-Disguised Hallow-Creeper

-A new Boss:

-The King Of Pumpkins

-A new ore and tools of this

1- Pumpkinite Ore

2- Pumpkinite Sword

3-Pumpkinite Armor

4-Pumpkinite Bow

-A new Item:

-Candy(dropped by the Disguised Hallow Monster)

-A new Staff:

-The pumpkins Staff(dropped by The King Of Pumpkins)

-A new Block:

-Block Of Candys

This is all.I hope you enjoyed my mod.

Good Bye!

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