Plant Factory 1.7.10

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Beginners Tutorial

Because plant commodities isn't an easy mod I will do a tutorial for you!

First find some flowers example the diamond-flower.

Now smelt the diamond flower an get a diamond-leaf. Now mine 3 other diamond-flowers and smelt them to get 4 diamond-leaves. Now do a diamond-filler just do it so: Left in the middle and right in the middle put diamond-leaves and on the top and the bottom in the middle also place diamondleaves. Now you got a diamond-filler. Now just combine the diamond-filler with 2 light-blue dyes! The recipe is shapeless!

You can do this with every flower! With fossils which you can find in the underground you can make diamond-blocks but before you need a fossil-drill! Rightclick on the fossil-drill with a diamond to get the fossil! To get charms you need the charm-altar! You can craft it with 2 furnaces, 2 stone and 4 iron-blocks! Endereye is a terracharm,blazepowder a firecharm, raw fish a watercharm and a string is an aircharm! To get an enderstaff you need blazerods and an eye of ender! The sciencedesk OK...Right click with rottenflesh on it to get a witches head, rc with a comet on it to get a cometingot, rc with a lavabucket on it to get fire!


How to get unlimited diamonds!

To get unlimited diamonds do a block-filler with two bedrock and two obsidian leaves and just click on the transformator! That only works with version 6 and older!!!


Left:The daylight-spreader Right:The transformator 

Tools and twigs

To craft a magic twig: In the right corner in the bottom a stick in the middle a stick and at the left corner at the top a stick and next to the stick in the middle two diamond(left and right)!

With twigs you can craft the best tools: the magic tools! A magic sword  has got 106+ Attack Damage a pickaxe 16 a shovel 5 an axe 8!

Then there is a rainbowtool a multitool it is very good! You can craft it with a rainbow-flower, a diamond, a goldingot and an emerald dont forget sticks!

The dark-blade is very strong you can craft it with bedrock WITHOUT CHEATING IT and a diamond-block! Then there is the dark-armor which gives you absorption (for ever):D


Dimensions and mobs

The plant killer is a boss but very easy to defeat! And a mysterious villager is friendly but its good to kill them because they drop mushroom-stew! Delicious!

The wet dimension is filled with wet dirt with wet dirt you can craft sponges!

In the dimension also spawn zombies and normal mobs, so be careful!

Be careful from the pumpkin-monster it is very dangerous but has got a dark-blade which does 104 attack-damage and is the best sword!

Then there is Agromend a wizard which adds speed to you if you rightclick he will follow you if you have a stick!


Then the mysterious villager:


Juices and oils

To craft a juice which adds commodities you need glass and the selected commodity!

Then drink them and get your commodities!

To burn everything you need oil! But there are two oils the plant oil is the "evil" oil (you can burn everything) 

and the caroil the oil which you can drink! You know....I think, you can troll your friends with them!

You say theres caroil its dangerous but actually it isnt dangerous:D


Behind the scenes

Made by ModDevJ



I want to reach 1000 downloads because for some reason Evolutioncraft had 1065 dowloads LOL! 

Mod showcase and comments

I search a youtuber who can do good mod-showcases I will subscribe him with 6 accounts and he will become "unlimited" likes ALREADY DONE (but you can send links to me perhaps there is a better one)

but you can also write comments,suggestions and problems below! PLEASE RATE W/ MINIMUM 9 Stars!!!!!!! 

Mod showcase info: Write the link into the comments or to this mail:




Thanks! Note: I am only 14 years old!

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I'm reading the beginner's tutorial and haven't even downloaded it and I'm surprise how you made the mod.

awesome mod and congrats on getting mod of the week

Guys your support is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
63 downloads after 6 hours thats incredible (for me)

Thanks guys for so much downloads I will release the upddate as soon as I can!
School is important!