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Hello Everyone This mod is call Broken/Error Mod how every you like to say it as anyway this is my 3rd mod so i hope yall enjoy this mod. This mod is just a normal random mod i made since I was bored and this idea just popped in my head so I decide to make it I hope yall enjoy it as much i love making and believe i really had fun making it im not sure if there is going to be another version it'll depend on what you guys think of it have fun :D

This Mod adds

Basic tools


2.Shovel (which has an texture error)



It Also adss the basic armors





It adds 2 blocks

1.Error/broken Ore

2.Error Block

It adds 1 dimension along wih a biome

1.Error/Broken Dimension

2.Error/Broken Biome (found in the overworld and used for the dimension he reason for this is because you use the biome block to use as the portal frameL

also adds 2 mobs

1.Error Man

2.Error Man 2 (there bascilly the same just have driffent texture)

Thats About it, if you guys have any suggestion's on my next mod or have ideas to add to this mod let me know in the comments :D

Have Fun With this basic mod


Modification files
3RR0R!.zip - Error ModUploaded on: 11/14/2015 - 16:36   File size: 2.19 MB
Crafting - Error Mod Crafting RecipesUploaded on: 11/14/2015 - 16:36   File size: 26.46 KB

You can do good mods, you are one of the best mod-makers in the whole MCreator-community!

I think you have do the error shovel texture with a texture that doesnt fit to a normal minecraft texture! Or you have deleted/removed the shovel texture!

@#6 Im Aware of the texture error on the shovel im soon going to update this mod to the lastest version since its behind and im going to to add more stuff to it. (The Texture i chose was to big and it didnt really work)