World Of Calu! BETA RELEASE!

Published by AOCAWOL on Sun, 11/15/2015 - 19:23
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Welcome To The World Of Calu

World Of Calu is a exciting mod with magic, and tons of items and blocks to explore! Set out on your journy to find wonders!

I wont tell you everything W.O.C has to offer but here are some things ;)

Aura's And Essences:

-End Essence

-Fire Aura

-Water Aura

-Earth Essence

-Holly Essence






Items/Blocks with no purpose yet:

-Endhanced Table


Special Blocks:

-Reed Windows

 -Endhanced StoneBrick


I hope you all enjoy this mod, it took about 2 weeks so far I have many plans for this mod and it will be updated soon.

Next Update Might Have:


-Satchel GUI, And Endhanced Table GUI

-New Biome

-New Tree type :D

Wanna do a mod showcase on this? Go ahead, just send me the link i would love to check it out! Got an idea? Post it in the comments below Also Please NEI for recipes they are very precise and hard and require alot work! Also ik the End Shard Recipe is retarted, you will be able to craft the enderdragon egg in this mod so stay tunned!

Modification files
woc.jar - Download The World Of Calu! And Explore Beyond View!Uploaded on: 11/15/2015 - 19:23   File size: 788.48 KB